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I'm a bit of a fan of math puzzles. There is a well-known website publishing puzzles and one of them brought me some fun for a while.

I'm not naming the website on purpose, but you can easily find it. It's named after a famous mathematician who ended up almost blind. Fortunately, he had memorized most of his books before.

You won't find a numeric solution here, but rather an outline of the resolution process. Most of the equations are already on wikipedia, but without any demonstration. I've also seen blog posts explaining how to solve the problem which were quite convoluted (axis change during revolution for instance)

That's what prompted me to detail my approach. That and the need to train my math muscles: I don't have the opportunity to do much calculus at work. Besides, I find typesetting equations in $\LaTeX$ relaxing.


In the previous article I ended up with a nice master system streaming audio with snapcast. It's now time to assemble what will be the speakers.


I've been wanting to upgrade my sound listening experience since I moved in. My current stereo system is a millennium era thing boasting a dual tape player and a 3 CDs tray:


Notes rapides concernant l'installation de NixOS sur un serveur kimsufi. Kimsufi permet de jouer avec des machines dédiées pour moins de 5€ par mois. C'est l'occasion de tester NixOS, une distribution dont la promesse me fait de l'œil.

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